Is this Triumph Toledo V8 restomod the ultimate Stag party?

by Gavin Braithwaite-Smith
21 November 2022 2 min read
Is this Triumph Toledo V8 restomod the ultimate Stag party?
Photos: Car & Classic

The rear-wheel drive Sprint is, quite rightly, often held aloft as the greatest member of the Triumph 1300, 1500, Toledo and Dolomite family. Britain’s first 16-valve production car and the first mass-produced saloon to feature alloy wheels as standard – a set of cast-alloy GKNs – it was one of the best British performance saloons of the 1970s.

“The fastest four-door saloon under £2250,” was Triumph’s claim about the 116mph Dolomite Sprint, which could, ahem, sprint to 60mph in around nine seconds. Not bad for a car that started life in 1965 as the humble, front-wheel drive Triumph 1300. That’s a transformation to rival anything you saw on Stars in Their Eyes; ‘Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be a car to rival the BMW 2002.‘

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In 2005, one car enthusiast decided to push the Herald successor even further by creating a monster. The result is this Triumph Toledo V8 restomod, powered by a 3-litre engine from the Triumph Stag. To some, that would be enough, but this Toledo goes further. Much further.

According to Car & Classic, the owner had a fascination with both standard and modified Triumph cars. Along with the Stag engine, the Toledo features a modified Dolomite subframe, overdrive gearbox, back axle and prop; an Australian big front brake disc kit; GAZ adjustable shocks; extra cooling fans and full suspension poly-bushing.

It sits one-inch lower on uprated coil springs and 15-inch alloy wheels from an MGF. You’ll also notice the side exit exhaust, described by Car & Classic as “marvellous”. Quite.

On the inside, the Toledo restomod features a GPS head-up display speedo hidden in the dashboard speaker cover, Dolomite 1850 wiring loom and dash, Stag V8 tachometer and, the icing on the cake, a Rover 200 BRM red leather interior. While it’s sad to discover that a BRM has been sacrificed to create a restomod, the results are… marvellous.

Other modifications include new carpets, electric windows, central locking, Mercedes radiator, Dolomite rear bumper and steering wheel, plus a vinyl roof, which covers a panel sourced from a scrap car to plug the hole formerly filled by a Webasto sunroof. You can check out the auction description for the full list of mods. 

Car & Classic says, “this is a real sleeper of a classic that no one would suspect at first”, before describing the condition as “solid”. It’s not perfect, which somehow manages to increase the appeal, although we know the jury is out when it comes to restomods. We love the combination of period parts and upgrades from newer, British cars.

Make no mistake, you will be the centre of attention at a cars and coffee event.

The auction doesn’t start until tomorrow (22 November), so you have a little time to decide if there’s room in your life for Toledo V8. That said, pre-bids are being accepted, if you want to declare your interest.

Let us know your thoughts on the car in the comments. Better still, let us know if you decide to buy the car – we’d love to follow the story of this car. Just remember, a classic car auction is a marathon and not a sprint.

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