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Unexceptional Classifieds: Honda Accord Aerodeck

by Sam Skelton
29 January 2021 2 min read
Unexceptional Classifieds: Honda Accord Aerodeck
Photos: Car & Classic

• Price: £6000
• Year: 1989
• Mileage: 170,000
• Condition: High miles, but you’d never know
• Seller: Car & Classic

This car is special not necessarily because of what it is, but because of what you’re getting when you buy it. In this case, that’s a history file as much as it’s a car.

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The Accord Aerodeck may be unusual; a sporting estate GT in the manner of a Japanese Reliant Scimitar for the 1980s, but its target market ensures that this has never been an end-of-life banger. Too unusual for the Sierra mob, and too appreciated to be abused by those who truly get it, it’s been in the hands of just two owners in the last twelve of its 32 years.

Hagerty Unexceptional Classifieds_Honda Accord Aerodeck

It’s a five owner car, and all have been enthusiasts from day one. This car may have high miles, but that’s a sign of use and enjoyment rather than a hard slog – remember that this car is now 32 years old, and 170,000 miles is little more than 5000 per year.

Everything from the condition of the original paint to the shaped and tailored floor mats screams of a car which has been loved its entire life. Lots of OEM accessories and predominantly Honda dealer history back up this impression.

Hagerty Unexceptional Classifieds_Honda Accord Aerodeck interior

It’s never been sat around either, meaning the maintenance has been consistent. Recently it’s had a new timing belt, water pump and fresh fluids and filters servicing, along with Koni dampers, imported from Germany. It has five keys, thus ensuring you should never find yourself locked out – four are original Honda.

If you want an Aerodeck we think this car is likely to be unrepeatable as an original and well cared for, unrestored yet very good example. It’s exactly the kind of car we long to see at the Fesitval of the Unexceptional, and we would be overjoyed to find an application from the new owner to exhibit at our next event.

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  • Effardee says:

    Was an owner of one back in the 70s. Beautiful combination of practicality and sporting performance. Utterly reliable and pleasurable to drive. Comparison with the Reliant Scimitar seems obvious but not when you take account of reliability and longevity, a Honda hallmark.

  • Luke says:

    Isn’t it 32 years old if it’s an ’89 reg?

  • Tadhg says:

    Errm, yeah, the Aerodeck didn’t come around until the late 1980s, so anyone who sez they saw or had one in the 1970s might want to check their memory…..

  • Neil Edwards says:

    I am looking to purchase a Honda Accord AERODECK fuel injection Automatic

  • Bill Martin says:

    I well remember the Aerodeck and longed just to own one although I owned a mk2 Cavalier at the time and they were stunning.
    The Aerodeck was none-the-less, a visual sensation and ahead of it’s time.
    While the early examples were carburettor the later models were injected and came with anticlock ďisc brakes all round, as in keeping with Honda’s unique progressive styling, pop-up headlights made for fab looks together with “drop dead gorgeous” sleek lines. I would have one today

  • Peter says:

    12/12 22, Have one identical to the photo – 75,000 genuine miles from new – alas it’s under attack from tin worm !

  • Rick Gifford says:

    I bought one new in 1986 in metallic Burgandy and a replacemen in 1987, in bright red. Both great cars, Drove both to south of France several times.and they cruised at 90 doing 33 mpg no problem. Quality, reliability and ride would knock some modern cars into a cocked hat. Pleant of room and soooo quiet. I would love one now

  • James emmott says:

    Love looking at these comments, i have a an 89 model, gorgeous looking car, just don’t get the time to drive it as much as I’d like too

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