The Historic Endurance Rally Organisation

by Hagerty International
11 November 2010 3 min read
The Historic Endurance Rally Organisation
German magazine Motor Klassik praised LeJog as “the toughest event in Europe, arguably in the world.”

If you are looking for a classic car reliability trial (or tour) that will shake you and test your stamina, or for a “novice level” event that is guaranteed to leave you exhilarated and wanting more, then why not take part in HERO’s LeJog and/or Summer Trial.

HERO – one of the U.K.’s most established competitive and non-competitive event organizers for classic cars – designs each of their events with various levels of challenge, each aiming to provide memorable experiences to its participants, regardless of their skills in endurance rallies.

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German magazine Motor Klassik praised LeJog as “the toughest event in Europe, arguably in the world,” and that accolade is still both accurate and deserved. The 2010 HERO Land’s End to John O’Groats Reliability Trial and Classic Car Tour runs from the 4th to 7th December 2010 and is open to cars built before 1984. As to be expected in December, conditions are always tough, but no one crosses the finish line without a smile on their face.

The event allows participants to experience the glory days of British rallying with long navigation and regularity sections, and driving tests by day and night. Two weeks before the event, participants are issued with a set of General Route Instructions to allow the main controls, rest halts and link sections to be plotted. Apart from the occasional map handout, additional information needed to plot and navigate the route is issued at the start of each leg.

Participants drive 1,500 miles from one end of the U.K. to the other in just three and a half days, using as many minor roads as the event organising team can find. They’re guaranteed to drive through some of the most incredible scenery in the country. You can expect the usual tough night route through Wales and plenty of mileage in the north and in Scotland. A well-deserved breakfast on Tuesday prepares you for the final sting in the tail, a 37 hour drive to the finish line. Crews compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals plus a variety of special awards, including the coveted Marque Team Trophy. Winning a gold medal is every competitor’s dream, but passing the chequered flag at the finish means as much to most competitors as achieving gold.

The Classic Car Tour runs alongside the main event and is a non-competitive event travelling on good quality roads through some wonderful parts of the country. Whilst a gentler event, the Tour is still quite demanding and is guaranteed to test the stamina and the reliability of both car and crew.

The challenge is meant to be a tough one, but no specialist car preparation is required – just a well prepared car. On-event mechanical assistance is provided through HERO Assist by a team of experienced mechanics.

The Summer Trial is a three-day reliability trial and classic car tour. Originally conceived to satisfy specific requests from competitors, this event provides all the elements of the longer and tougher events but makes allowances for the fact that five or six days of competition can be a daunting concept to a novice, and its duration has less impact on the working week.

The competitors follow HERO’s successful format of regularity sections, link sections and driving tests presented in an easy to follow ‘Tulip’ road book. There are no navigation sections and all main controls and tests are traditionally positioned at stately homes, castles or points of interest.

The Classic Car Tour runs in conjunction with the Reliability Trial and is intended for crews looking for a less-demanding motoring experience. Crews are provided with a route book detailing the suggested route, but they are free to deviate and visit places of specific interest to them.

Crews face a challenging and demanding route but competitors return each evening to the same hotel, to relax without the need to constantly pack and unpack luggage. No specialist car preparation is required and on-event mechanical assistance is provided by HERO Assist.

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