Test your automotive anniversary knowledge in our latest quiz

by Hagerty
1 October 2021 1 min read
Test your automotive anniversary knowledge in our latest quiz
Photo: Alpine

There comes a point when you have to concede that, yes, you’re officially old. If it’s not when you realise that you have no idea what the average teenager is on about, the first time you find yourself uttering “things aren’t what they used to be” or when you realise you’re expending genuine effort on simple tasks like tying a shoelace, then it’s probably something related to cars.

In 2021, for instance, the Morris Marina is 50 years old, which is a shock if you feel like the 1970s were still a fairly recent event. Likewise, how has the Jaguar X-Type – a car that is still fairly commonplace on our roads – now two whole decades old?

Those and other cars celebrating anniversaries this year are the subject for our latest quiz, which tests your knowledge on everything from relatively recent (but still decade-old) special editions, to sports cars celebrating their quarter-century.

So get choosing from the multiple-choice answers below, and let us know how you did in the comments or on one of our social media feeds. Good luck!

#1. How many body styles was the Morris Marina, first launched in 1971, offered in?

The answer is five: a 4dr saloon, 5dr estate, 2dr coupe, pickup, and a van.

#2. The Renault 4 was launched 60 years ago this year, but what year did R4 production officially end?

R4 production ended in Slovenia in 1994.

#3. What was the last car to use the PRV V6 as offered in the 50yr old Alpine A310 and 40yr old Delorean?

Venturi continued using the PRV for a short after PSA and Renault switched to the ES/L V6 used in cars like the Clio V6 and later Atlantiques.

#4. The 50yr old Alfasud is the best-selling Alfa Romeo ever on more than a million units, but which Alfas came second and third?

At 989,324 and 673,347 units, the 33 and 156 are the second and third-best selling Alfas of all time.

#5. The retro-styled Nissan Figaro was launched 30 years ago, but what was the unusual name of the factory that built Nissan’s run of retro cars?

The Nissan factory that produced the Figaro, Be-1, Pao and S-Cargo was the Pike factory.

#6. The Clan Crusader, 50 this year, used the drivetrain from a Hillman Imp, but which other classic sports car did likewise?

The Ginetta G15 used Imp mechanicals.

#7. In the UK this car launched in 1971 was sold as the RX-3, but what was it called in Japan?

While the car the RX-3 was based on was badged Grand Familia, rotary models were given the Savanna badge.

#8. Volkswagen’s revived Beetle debuted ten years ago at the Frankfurt motor show. But which famous musical equipment manufacturer did VW tie up with to bring some cool to the retro shape?

The Fender Edition Beetle featured an upgraded stereo and a sunburst wooden dashboard insert to echo the maker’s guitars.

#9. The often-derided Jaguar X-Type was launched 20 years ago now. Which high-profile fashion designer lent their style to a one-off model auctioned for charity?

A one-off X-Type featured the designer Paul Smith’s famous stripes.

#10. Porsche’s Boxster went on sale 25 years ago in 1996. Which three other sports cars also became available to the public that year?

It wasn’t such a bad year for sports cars, with the Spider, MGF and Elise all hitting the road the same year as the Boxster.



Congratulations! You’ve clearly got a solid knowledge across several eras of automotive history. Age goes hand-in-hand with wisdom…

Sorry, your knowledge has failed you this time around, but maybe there’s still time to teach an old dog new tricks…

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