Here’s a Pagani You Could Drive Daily

by Nik Berg
28 March 2024 2 min read
Here’s a Pagani You Could Drive Daily

Pagani has unleashed a new model that you’ll dare to drive come fair weather or foul. It will never leave your garage (like most Paganis) but at least you can go flat out while it’s in there as this latest Huayra R is actually a simulator.

The sim is a collaboration between Pagani Automobili, Pagani Arte and Racing Unleashed, which builds rigs for training pro drivers. The virtual Huayra will be used as part of the Italian hypercar maker’s Arte in Pista track day programme – and, presumably, also sold to existing Pagani customers.

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“We aimed to create a professional, dynamic driving simulator with an extraordinary level of immersion and realism, intending to contribute to the constant refinement of our customers’ driving styles,” explains Franco Morsino, Pagani’s Vehicle Dynamics Lead. “Our ambition was to transform it into a genuine design object, a product with artistic value destined to occupy a prominent place within the homes of Huayra R owners. For this reason, we dedicated extreme attention to creating a product that reflects our cars’ extraordinary uniqueness.”

Pagani race sim 2

Engineering and designing the rig took over a year and the carbon fibre structure is constructed and painstakingly painted at the Pagani factory in Modena, Italy. It mimics key features of the real Huayra R in looks, and when it comes to recreating the driving experience Pagani says it “meticulously attended to every detail to faithfully recreate the handling, dynamics, and aerodynamic effects of the real car.”

To that end the sim features three-dimensional motion actuators to provide pitch, roll and yaw, with active safety belts also helping to simulate longitudinal and lateral acceleration. “All these features were tested and validated in back-to-back trials by professional drivers and development pilots, transitioning from the simulator to the actual hypercar,” adds Pagani.

To bridge the gap between the virtual and real driving experience, “The entire driving setup, including the steering wheel, pedals, seat, and belts, is exactly the same as that of the Huayra R.” A 5.1 audio system with seat-mounted kicker and VR headphones emulates the song of the Pagani V-12.

The exact tech specs of the gaming PC and monitor that runs the sim haven’t been revealed, but it comes with Assetto Corsa Pro installed and is kept cool by air vents inspired by the Huayra.

Pagani joins the likes of Aston Martin and Callum in providing an incredibly high-end sim for customers who want to race without risk to their precious metal. If you need to ask how much, you can’t afford it.

Pagani race sim 5

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