Motorsport UK Rule Changes 2020

by Hagerty
25 November 2019 2 min read
Motorsport UK Rule Changes 2020
courtesy Motorsport UK

Motorsport UK (the rebranded MSA) have recently announced major licence rule changes for 2020 that impact on nearly every motor sport competitor. Here is Hagerty’s guide to what you need to know when the rule changes come into force on 1st January 2020.

The categories have been simplified

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There are now three licence categories: Race, Kart and RS (Rally Speed) which covers all grassroots activities. There are four licence grades: Clubman, Interclub, National and International. If you want to know what the minimum licence requirement is for your event, go to this link.

You’ll need a licence for every activity, even as a navigator

In the past, club events (two car rallies, autotests etc) were covered under a club membership card, but from 1st January drivers and navigators will need an RS Clubman licence. Passengers over 18 years of age taking part in Motorsport UK permitted events will also need one unless the event has a certificate of exemption. You’ll also still need to be a club member.

RS Clubman Licence is free to obtain…

There’s a two-page form to fill in, which can be done online or on paper (links below) and you won’t need a photo.

…but permit Charges are a flat £5 per event

MS UK state this is a change so that the more you compete, the more you pay.

Medical assessments are changing too

Annual medicals will now only be required over 60, with eye tests for those aged 45 – 59 although the latter are free (a member benefit). Motorsport UK state that this will save on average £100 per year.

You MAY be able to gain your RS Clubman licence on the day of the event

Motorsport UK state that ‘The licence form can be completed and activated by club officials on the day of the event, if not already fulfilled.’ That said, some event organisers are requiring competitors to gain a licence prior to attending. The VSCC, for example, states:

“If you arrive at signing on for any event in 2020, starting with The New Year’s Driving Tests in January, and you or any member of your crew does not present one of these licenses at Signing On you will not be allowed to compete.”

It MAY affect wider events

We spoke to HERO, who are seeking clarification from Motorsport UK over the requirements, especially as they have overseas competitors (the RS Clubman licence currently requires a UK address). Please contact your event/ rally organiser for more information.

But there are some very good benefits

Even with the free RS Clubman licence, you’ll be eligible for member benefits with reduced cost fuel, tyres etc plus £100m public liability cover and personal accident insurance, including up to five track days per year. This could be worth applying for alone.

Important Links:

RS Clubman License Online Application

RS Clubman Licence Printable Application

Minimum Licence Requirements

This is just a summary of the main points. For more information please visit Motorsport UK’s Q&A Page or ask your club for clarification.

We’d love to hear your opinion of the changes below.

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  • Cheshire says:

    Seems to have been ignored that navigators will now be subject to the same rules drug as Olympic athletes and have to state that they do not use WADA banned drugs.With us old folks this would be a lie.

  • York says:

    Stage Rallies – my licence £155. LInda my wife nav/codriver Licence £99. These represent a 50% increase – Why ? Permits – I am joint coordinator of our monthly autotest at York Motor Club permit fee was £4.75 PCA & £6.50 increase of £5 represents a huge increase . Autotests are grass roots events which MS- UK say they are promoting – sorry they are very wrong. Saying the idea is pay as you compete is better does not alter that a young lad competing all our 12 autotests faces paying out £60 more per year. Some will not get a licence even though it is free – we have difficulty getting them to bring their club cards to signing on ( but we have the master membership list so we can check they are members & their membership number) never mind bringing a MS-UK licence as well. Although they say these changes were decided after extensive consultation who did they ask ? York M C,North Humberside MC & Wigton MC were not consulted. Needs a quick rethink

  • Northants says:

    MUK milking the grass root cow. For me the benefits” are none existent, my previous Nat A speed license has increased 50% I did one test day last year, a 1st in 37 years of speed event motorsport. They have saved costs by not giving not Blue Book, they also used to give it out on CD and the hard copy magazine is now online, another saving, though to be honest I only quickly browse through it before deleting as it hardly mentions grass roots or speed events, mostly concentrating on professional motorsport or patting MUK execs on the head saying what good boys they are. I am not impressed by the latest round of cost increases from Muk

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