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Hagerty Classic Index Launched

by John Mayhead
25 November 2015 1 min read
Hagerty Classic Index Launched

The UK Hagerty Price Guide is now firmly established as the most comprehensive classic car valuation tool in the UK that is freely accessible. But monitoring well over 1,500 classic car model values is difficult, so Hagerty has created a series of indices that show trends, both in the market as a whole and in specific sectors.

The first of these, launched in December 2015, is the Hagerty Classic Index. The Classic Index monitors the values of 50 classic car models that were chosen to be representative of the enthusiasts’ market in the UK- only one model has an average value of over £100,000 and the vast majority are under £25,000. Influential models were also chosen- those that have recently risen to prominence, for example.

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Values for the Classic Index are taken directly from the Hagerty Price Guide. Updated quarterly from a combination of auction results, private and dealer sales, plus insured values, we believe it is the most comprehensive classic car valuation tool in the UK.

The full list of models included in the Hagerty Classic Index is shown below.

MakeModelSub ModelBody Type
Alfa Romeo1750GTVCoupe
Alfa RomeoDuettoSpiderConvertible
Aston MartinDBSVantageCoupe
Aston MartinLagondaS14dr Saloon
AustinMiniCooper 1275S2dr Saloon
Austin-Healey3000Mk IIIConvertible
BMW2002tii2dr Saloon
CitroenDS21EFI PallasSaloon
Ferrari308 GTBStandardBerlinetta
Fiat500F2dr Saloon
FordCapriIII 2.8iCoupe
FordEscortMexico2dr Saloon
FordSierraRS Cosworth3dr Hatchback
JaguarMk II3.8Saloon
JensenInterceptorIII2dr Saloon
LanciaFulviaSport Zagato 1.6Coupe
LanciaDeltaHF Integrale 16vCoupe
Land RoverSeries IStandardOff Road
Land RoverRange RoverClassic 2drOff Road
LotusEspritTurbo SECoupe
MGMGB-GTV8 (Chrome Bumper)Coupe
MGMidgetMk IIIConvertible
Morgan4/4Series VRoadster
MorrisMinor1000Saloon 62-70
Peugeot205GTi 1.6Hatchback
Porsche911Turbo 3.0 75-77Coupe
RoverSD135004dr Saloon
VauxhallHP FirenzaDroop-SnootCoupe
VolkswagenBeetle1200 Oval Window2dr Saloon
VolkswagenGolf GTiMk I 1.6Hatchback
VolkswagenType IIT1a SplitscreenCamper

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  • Farnham Surrey says:

    I would like to see 10 popular cars per decade 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s & 90’s tracked. And shown against each other

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