1995 Porsche 968

Sport Coupe 3 L

Vehicle values by condition

Condition 4
#4 cars are daily drivers, with flaws visible to the naked eye. The chrome might have pitting or scratches, the windshield might be chipped.
Condition 3
#3 cars could possess some, but not all of the issues of a #4 car, but they will be balanced by other factors such as a fresh paint job or a new, correct interior.
Condition 2
#2 cars could win a local or regional show. They can be former #1 cars that have been driven or have aged. Seasoned observers will have to look closely for flaws.
Condition 1
#1 vehicles are the best in the world. The visual image is of the best car, unmodified, in the right colours, driving onto the lawn at the finest concours.
Insurance premium for a
1995 Porsche 968 Sport Coupe 2990
valued at £19,300
£401.22 / year*

History of the 1994 - 1995 Porsche 968

1994 - 1995 Porsche 968
1994 - 1995 Porsche 968

Porsche 968 1992 - 1995

In May 1992, Porsche introduced the Porsche 968 Coupe and Cabriolet to the UK market. The car was the final model in a line of front-engine Porsche sports cars that included the 924 and 928, and it was initially considered to be the 944 S3. Although it looks very similar to its predecessors, the majority of mechanical parts were modified, hence the new designation.

The Porsche 968's front-mounted 4-cylinder 2990cc DOHC engine produced 240bhp and was mated to either a six-speed gearbox or an optional four-speed auto. The car had two electrically-operated front seats and two usable back seats. In February 1995, the Tiptronic gearbox was offered as an option.

In January 1993, a fast road variant, the Porsche 968 Club Sport was introduced. This was significantly lighter, with no rear seats, non- electric windows and other performance enhancements such as lowered/ modified suspension. With unique decals and limited edition colour schemes, the car was instantly recognisable and helped increase sales.

In January 1994, the UK market received the Porsche 968 Sport. This was essentially a Club Sport model but with some of the 'luxuries' of the standard model added back in. All models were discontinued in October 1995, ready for the arrival of the new Boxster.

Today, the Porsche 968 remains a good buy as an entry-level modern classic. The cars had Porsche's legendary build quality and parts are widely available from both Porsche and various independent dealers. Bodies were well protected against rust, but check the sills for any signs of bubbling that could foretell worse problems. Engines are great, but make sure they have been properly serviced, with annual oil changes and balance/ cambelt changes as per the schedule. Some suffered from failures of the cam timing chain tensioner - increased noise from the head should be treated with caution. Noise from the torque converter could also be a bad sign.

There are few alternatives that share the Porsche 968's sporty handling, superb build quality and practicality, but other sports coupes/ convertibles of the era include the Alfa Romeo 916 GTV/ Spider, the BMW Z3 and the Mercedes-Benz SLK.

All 1995 Porsche 968 body types

Year Make Model Submodel Body Type Engine size Average value
1992 Porsche 968 Base Coupe 3 L £ 10,400 17,800 25,800 39,800
1992 Porsche 968 Base Cabriolet 3 L £ 10,400 16,200 22,400 31,800
1993 Porsche 968 Club Sport Coupe 3 L £ 22,600 29,100 42,300 77,300
1994 Porsche 968 Sport Coupe 3 L £ 12,900 19,300 23,100 36,700
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