1984 Volkswagen Golf

GLI Mk I Convertible 1.8 L

Vehicle values by condition

Condition 4
#4 cars are daily drivers, with flaws visible to the naked eye. The chrome might have pitting or scratches, the windshield might be chipped.
Condition 3
#3 cars could possess some, but not all of the issues of a #4 car, but they will be balanced by other factors such as a fresh paint job or a new, correct interior.
Condition 2
#2 cars could win a local or regional show. They can be former #1 cars that have been driven or have aged. Seasoned observers will have to look closely for flaws.
Condition 1
#1 vehicles are the best in the world. The visual image is of the best car, unmodified, in the right colours, driving onto the lawn at the finest concours.
Insurance premium for a
1984 Volkswagen Golf GLI Mk I Convertible 1780
valued at £7,700
£165.37 / year*

History of the 1982 - 1984 Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf Mk I, Hatchback, 1974 to 1983

The Volkswagen Golf was the German manufacturer's long- awaited answer to the question: "how do you follow the Beetle"? Launched in the UK in October 1974, the first Golf was a 1.1-litre petrol OHC front-wheel drive hatchback with opening tailgate complete with three or five-door layout. N and L models were offered with different trim specifications, and it marked Volkswagen's move from air-cooled, rear-mounted engines to water-cooled front-mounted motors.

In 1975, a 1588cc Golf 1.6 was offered, with other minor improvements including servo-assisted brakes and a rev counter; automatic transmission and a sun roof were offered as optional extras. In 1977, a 1457cc petrol engine was introduced at the Golf 1500, then in 1978 a 1471cc diesel entered the line-up. In 1980 the engine capacity was increased to 1588cc. In 1979 a 1272cc OHC petrol engine was added, then in 1980 a convertible (with boot rather than hatchback) was completed the line-up for the UK market.

The Volkswagen Golf Mk I model range also included the Golf GTi, which is covered in a separate model history.

Where the Beetle had enabled millions of people to own a car, the Volkswagen Golf offered many more the chance to drive a practical, modern vehicle. With folding seats and a hatchback it offered flexible load space, and with a wide model range from sporty GTi to family-spec diesel and petrol five-doors, its appeal was huge. Styled by Giugiaro's ItalDesign studio, the clean lines, unfussy exterior and smart interior set the standard for the small car which the Golf arguably continues to this day.

Other classic alternatives include the Peugeot 205, the Austin Metro, Fiat 127 and Alfa Romeo AlfaSud.

All 1984 Volkswagen Golf body types

Year Make Model Submodel Body Type Engine size Average value
1982 Volkswagen Golf GLI Mk I Convertible 1.8 L £ 5,000 7,700 13,300 18,100
1975 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk I Hatchback 1.6 L £ 7,900 13,000 19,500 27,600
1982 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk I Hatchback 1.8 L £ 7,700 12,200 17,800 25,700
1984 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk II Hatchback 1.8 L £ 6,800 9,000 15,300 21,600
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