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1959 Citroen DS19

Safari Estate

Vehicle values by condition

Condition 4
#4 cars are daily drivers, with flaws visible to the naked eye. The chrome might have pitting or scratches, the windshield might be chipped.
Condition 3
#3 cars could possess some, but not all of the issues of a #4 car, but they will be balanced by other factors such as a fresh paint job or a new, correct interior.
Condition 2
#2 cars could win a local or regional show. They can be former #1 cars that have been driven or have aged. Seasoned observers will have to look closely for flaws.
Condition 1
#1 vehicles are the best in the world. The visual image is of the best car, unmodified, in the right colours, driving onto the lawn at the finest concours.
Insurance premium for a
1959 Citroen DS19 Safari Estate
valued at £14,070
£127.02 / year*

History of the 1959 - 1965 Citroen DS19

1959 - 1965 Citroen DS19
1959 - 1965 Citroen DS19

The Citroen DS19 was introduced to the public at the Paris motor show in 1955 and continued in its original guise until 1965. The revolutionary body design was the work of Flaminio Bertoni. The car is a front engine, front wheel drive luxury saloon.

The Citroen DS19 is notable for its avant garde hydraulically powered systems although the engine was developed from Citroen’s pre-war unit. The hydraulics are used to provide power to the brakes, steering, clutch and suspension. The DS19 was also the first mass produced car with disc brakes, having a now conventional disc / drum setup. The body style was equally groundbreaking with unstressed panels on a platform chassis forming a highly streamlined shape that tapers gently in plan from front to back.

The design of the Citroen DS19’s nose was refined in 1962 and this resulted in the top speed rising by 5 MPH. Although the ‘open’ pair of headlights were retained additional driving lights became an option at this time.

The Citroen ID19 was launched in 1957. In almost all respects this is identical to the DS19 but it has conventional braking, steering and clutch arrangements. The engine has slightly less power than the DS19 but the performance is almost identical. The gearbox is a 4 speed manual.

Although the DS19 was primarily sold as a four door saloon, with the “Pallas” as the luxury model, other body styles were available. The estate is called the “Break”, “Safari”, “Familiale” or “Station Wagon” dependent on market and provides a large load carrying capacity with the “Ambulance” adding an asymmetric split on the folding rear seat. Rarest is the convertible launched in 1960, either in the form of the factory “Cabriolet D’Usine” or the privately produced 2 door version by Chapron.

The 1911 cc engine initially fitted to the Citroen DS19 has a 3 bearing crank and was developed from the Traction Avant unit. Transmission is through a 4 speed “semi-automatic” gearbox that uses the hydraulic system to actuate the clutch. This engine was replaced with a 1985 cc 5 bearing crank design in 1965.

Despite the lack of power the Citroen DS19 saw some success in the sphere of motor sport, particularly rallying, but this is to ignore its primary intended role as a high-end saloon. At its launch the press praised its ride / handling compromise, a product of the hydro-pneumatic suspension. The brakes are highly sensitive but prove to be satisfactory once you have got used to the input pressures required.

Rust is the big enemy of the DS, particularly around the boot area, rear chassis and sills. Care should be taken with corrosion and dents away from these areas as well, rectification work could be costly. Some new panels are available but these fetch a premium. The engines and gearboxes are robust with many refurbished major components available at a price.

The estates are worth more than the saloon but any Citroen DS19 or ID 19 is much rarer than its DS21 and DS23 equivalent. The cabriolets are the most desirable and therefore command the highest prices.

When launched the DS was like nothing else on the road. The contemporary Humber Super Snipe, Rover P4 and Mercedes 220 all seem old fashioned next to it but offer similarly stylish and roomy transport.

All 1959 Citroen DS19 body types

Year Make Model Submodel Body Type Average value
1955 Citroen DS19 Base Saloon £ 8,800 12,040 17,710 27,630
1959 Citroen DS19 Safari Estate £ 10,020 14,070 20,750 32,280
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