Classic American Motorcycles

America has produced some of the most recognisable motorcycles that have graced the road. The products of Harley-Davidson and Indian have gained millions of followers since their conception in the early 20th century. The original motorcycle boom of 1890 - 1930, saw hundreds of ambitious manufacturers rise and fall around the world. The scramble to secure a share of the rapidly emerging market for two wheelers was especially keen in the United States, with its growing economy and industrial resources. Motorcycles primarily offered economical transportation, the notion of motorcycles as recreational devices gathered momentum in the United States only after Henry Ford made cars the more affordable choice.
Harley Davidson WLA
The Harley “Liberator” that helped win WWII. Introduced in 1941, these low-slung flathead bikes weren’t fast, strong, light or particularly efficient, but they were basically indestructible and you could wrench on them with basic tools, almost guaranteeing global dominance.
Indian Scout
One of the earliest of all classic cycles, the Scout was strong, sleek, reliable and comfortable for a ride in the 1920s, especially considering the lack of paved roads at the time. When Burt Munro set landspeed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the 60’s, he did it on the back of a modified Scout.

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