Classic car insurance to protect the cars you love

Policy features designed for classic cars

We created insurance policies for car lovers like us—who want the freedom to take the road less travelled in the car that isn’t driven every day.

Fully comprehensive cover

Third party liability insurance and damage, fire and theft cover.

Agreed value insurance

With our agreed value policies your asset is insured for its full value.

Discounted premiums

Additional discounts for car club members and multi-vehicle policies.

European touring cover

Third party liability insurance and damage, fire and theft cover.

Laid up cover

Cover for cars that are not road registered and are not driven on public roads.

Breakdown and recovery

Full breakdown and recovery insurance across the UK and Europe from the RAC.

As avid classic car owners and enthusiasts, Hagerty is the UK's leading specialist classic car insurance company.

Nimble underwriting

Niche product offerings allow us to provide you with the best coverage for your vehicle.

Customised policies

Whether you own one car or a hundred, your Hagerty policy is designed specifically for you.

Flexible usage

Classics were made to be driven. Whether you’re going to a show or just taking a cruise to the ice cream shop, you’re protected.

What types of vehicles do Hagerty insure?

Essentially we insure cars not driven on a daily basis; here are a few examples:

Veteran Cars (pre-1910)

We insure veteran cars and tricycles from the dawn of motoring. As long-time sponsors of the Veteran Car Run, Hagerty have a unique insight into these wonderful, pioneering motor vehicles; we even own a 1903 Knox Runabout!


Vintage cars (1911—1950)

The development of vintage cars over this period was extraordinary, moving from hand-built machines for the few to mass-produced motoring for the ordinary person on the street. As such, vintage cars can be difficult to value, but Hagerty’s specialists track the market diligently, providing unrivalled valuation services.


Classic cars (1951—1979)

The majority of our business falls in the classic car era, the golden age of motoring. This is the time when many of the models we all know and love were created by such evocative names as Jaguar, Porsche, Ford and Austin Healey. We insure everything from popular classics such as the MG B to exotics such as the Lamborghini Miura.


Modern classics (1980—2000)

We love post-1980 modern classics. These wonderful models offer a great combination of classic styling with a more modern driving style, often making them great first classic cars to own. With values soaring in the last few years, Hagerty have been at the forefront of helping to maintain this important part of our motoring heritage through our Festival of the Unexceptional.


Emerging classics (post-2000)

We often insure post-2000 vehicles that were developed as concept cars or in very limited numbers. These emerging classics are starting to become collected. This part of the market is thriving, and Hagerty have been insuring their owners and tracking their values in ever-increasing numbers. These are the classics of the future.


Historic race cars

As active sponsors of the IMSA, VSCC and the HRCR Touring Series, Hagerty understand the unique challenges of insuring, storing and transporting historic racing cars. Over many years, we’ve offered insurance products to cover a huge range of race cars, from classic rally cars to historic F1 cars.

Overheard in garages across the UK

  • "Fantastic customer service. A trusted company and service that many friends use with their old cars. Wouldn’t look anywhere else. Thanks to Dan G who helped sort it all out so quickly and efficiently."


    5 stars: Excellent / 2 September 2021

  • "Hagerty was recommended by a good friend who has used them for years. I make a call this morning and within 10 minutes I had a quote and a policy. The agent, Tom, was professional, knowledgeable and efficient which made the whole process seamless and very easy. This is how it should work."


    5 stars: Excellent / 29 July 2021

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